Change… the ultimate motivation.


This past week was very successful. I completed all my workouts for the entire week, using Kayla Itsines BBG app, Sweat.

Now, I throurghly enjoy the ratio of cardio to strength training with BBG, but it seems to me the strength workouts are more like low intensity calisthenics. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good slow strength building day using bodyweight. I’m just not craving that right now, though.

One thing I’ve learned about my body, in the past is that it responds well to high intensity cardio, long distance running, and functional fitness (crossfit, kettlebell, or weightlifting), and yoga. Whenever I’m getting a solid mix of those things I feel top notch, lean out, and get nicely toned.

BBG just doesn’t include that. It’s not well rounded enough – for me.

So my search began again.

I found myself submitting my info for a trail of Daily Burn, just to try out Black Fire. It’s supposedly the at home TV version of Crossfit. -I adore crossfit. I miss it. But have yet to find the RIGHT box to be apart of.- So I figured Black Fire would provide me with similar functional movements, a tv crew to motivate me, and it’s a free trial….

Right off the bat I fell in love. It has a competitive feel to it, it’s using stuff I already have from the home gym, and it was 30 minutes of nonstop “LET’S DO THIS!!”

Dripping sweat, 30 minutes, and 157 calories killed later…This is what I’m talking about.
The app streams on Chromecast so it feels LIVE, well as much as a TV can. The instructor was tough and motivating at all the right times.

BBG is a wonderful program, and I’m sure I’ll be back one day, but I need alot of intensity right now. Changing things up always helped me stay out of a rut, in the past, so this change kind of revs me up to hit the ground running this week.

Tomorrow, I plan to lace up for a run,at the gym after I teach my yoga class (day 9!!!), and doing day 2 of Black Fire tomorrow evening.

I’m looking forward to this program, the results, and how it makes me feel!

Excited and ready to kick some ass…


Hello, again…


I went missing.

Ok, I wasn’t missing, but I did fall off the wagon for a good while, jumped back on, and caused a weightloss wreck, got run over by my own train, ate some sour patch kids, and… well, you get it.

Too many excuses to list them. Excuses suck anyway. I refuse to listen to my sad excuses, and lame couldawouldas.

I’m back!

In my time away from my routine  (endless food comas, sour patch kids, and soda), I have stayed true to my yoga practice. Which is something to give credit to. Even though it’s my career, I got on my mat at home quite alot, and I’m feeling good about that. But even more interesting, I noticed that I craved the BBG program. I missed the intervals, my music blasting, and the DOMS. It’s a solid program. I really like the sense of community of it. Plus the app is gorgeous and simple to use.  So I’m doing more of it. Because it made me feel good, and if I’ve learned anything during this journey it’s DO WHAT FEELS GOOD!

Running is my secret addiction. I truly love it. It’s freeing to me. My mind gets a release, my breath finds its pace, and I just gloat in my surroundings. Plus it’s a free workout that’s basically heaven on pavement.

I’ll be doing more of that also…although running free range, without a structured plan,  is for the birds. I get so off track and then I get confused on what I should be accomplishing with my mileage, then I slack off.


I’ll be training to a program this time. And I’m going to finish it! I’d like to get back up to my big 6. When I was able to run 6 miles at once and feel ferocious after. Rawr. Rawr….I was a BEAST. But beastmode takes time.. and commitment.

Now that things are settling down with my Vinyasa 200hr training done, the big move complete, and the help of a decent work schedule… I’m lacing up and running like crazy.

And that’s it.

Running and BBG. Plus boundless amounts of yoga mixed in… Because those are the things my body and mind enjoy. IT FEELS GOOD.

I once had a saying… “I don’t exercise, I move.”

Well, it’s about time I figure out how and why.
The how part was just told:BBG, running, and yoga.
The why part, you ask?
Well because I enjoy seeing what I’m capable of. I enjoy feeling myself be active, in my body. My bigger body, my smaller body, and every shape in between.

So here’s to recommiting.


Bring it on.


The plan was to wake up and rock my workout, at 5am.
The reality was…waking up at 9am, rolling over and deciding to spend time with the family after making a delicious, healthy breakfast.

Eggs, avocado, and whole grain toast= perfection.

So ofcourse, noon rolls around and I’m waking up from a tiny nap that was VERY unexpected. TV knocks me out randomly. I ALWAYS find myself waking up in the middle of a show that I don’t remember starting….anyway.

A small hint of “go workout”, crosses my mind and I let it pass. Then, “Wtf are you doing….couch potato woman!? You made a commitment. You want to live it out, righhhht?”

So I slip off the couch and down my preworkout supplement. I grab my shoes and curse under my breath, because it’s a holiday, and I should not have promised myself that I’d torture …I mean workout, today.


C4 by cellucor always gives me that tingly feeling, just before that adrenaline kicks in for the workout. I LOVE C4. It gets me pumped and ready, even on days like today, when I want to second guess myself.

So I clear my home gym floor, lay down my mat, and get my daughter involved. She’s my mini motivation. She’s the best 3 year old workout buddy around. She gets sooo pumped. She’ll likely become a beach body competitor when she grows up, if she keeps this up. Haha. In all seriousness, I like being able to set a healthy and active example for her. Few people grow up with an active and healthy lifestyle. I like to believe I’m setting the foundation for her healthy adulthood.

I tell her she’s my trainer for today. She’s roaring out numbers for each repetition I complete. I don’t even think about giving up. Spotify is playing my power songs, back to back, and those tingles from my preworkout are not failing me. I CAN do this.

I finish the bodyweight HIIT portion of my workout, but I’m side eying my treadmill, and yesterday’s mini run felt so nice. My legs are aching like I got run over my a cyclist – from yesterdays double workout- and releasing some lactic acid could do me some good.

Next up, I finish. 5 miles -enough to get the heart and legs pumped, but not to run into overkill mode.

Drenched in sweat and sipping in cool air into my lungs, I take a sip of my water, and think ” I almost didn’t do this today….Wtf was I thinking?!? This is exactly why I have a love for working out. My mood is through the roof!”

I feel balanced. Joyful. Proud. And STRONG.

I wonder if tomorrow will be a battle, as well. Even so, I CAN do this. BRING IT ON!

Staying Commited.


I’ve always had issues sticking with things. Hobbies, careers, my passion for painting. It all comes and goes. I hate to say I have a great excuse, but sadly I do- I’ve been diagnosed and battling with Bipolar disorder, since 2005. Beyond the intense moods, and maddening anxiety, comes my will to stay committed to almost every aspect of my life. It’s a push and pull of dedication, on an almost daily basis. Living with mental illness is not by any means easy, but standing by while it consumes you isn’t any easier.

In comes my weightloss journey.

Fitness has never been a hobby of mine. I simply started trying to shed pounds because I was obese, and wanted to be around for my daughter, who was at the time an infant. This was over 3 years ago. I’ve told the story of my coming to fitness before, on a previous blog post, but I will say the moment I decided to change my body, changed my life.

Given my pattern of stopping a hobby before it even gets off the ground, I went in half ass thinking this would be yet another fail. Ofcourse, I was supposed to attempt weightloss the old school way, not see results in 2 weeks, and give up.

But I didn’t give up.

I started to see the parallel between my wellness and my moods. Work out, and have a grasp on happiness. Don’t work out for a few days, be grumpy and vicious. Haha. But seriously, it’s true. Even my husband and family noticed the difference in attidude. My friends starting complimenting me not only on my losses, but for how radiant I was becoming.

And that was it. Fitness made me feel amazing. It unlocked some hidden cave in my soul, and released the Happiness Cracken. I began trying new things. Setting goals I was not sure I could reach, but excited to attempt. Those new things became my things. My activities that I began to look forward to, day by day. Those goals became successes, and I’ve had to create new ones on various occassions.

People say I’m commited to my fitness routine, and yes its slightly true. In a statement that rings truer, I’m addicted to happiness. I’m addicted to smiling again, to feeling confident, to being passionate about something that could have been an immediate failure- had I given up on myself.

I’m just a patient to to happiness, and fitness is the therapy that has gotten me as far as I am, in the last 3 years.

It’s a whole package for me, working out, meditation, mindful practice, and journaling. It’s very cathartic to have a healthy outlet to reflect on the inner me. I’ve come so far, and I’m so shocked at my progress. There I was at 200 lbs at 4’11”, and now I’m literally 17 pounds from my goal weight.

I honestly cannot say enough about the relationship I now have with wellness, or between me and loving myself. It’s a beautiful thing to have. I’m lucky. I wish that all of my readers can dig deep and find something in fitness worth commiting to, on your journey. It may be the confidence from the slimmer mirror poses, the skinny jeans that hadn’t fit a year ago, or maybe that incredible boost of energy you get after running halfway from home, with nothing but running shoes and sunglasses….and then being excited to run all the way back! Whatever it is…cherish it. Fuel it. You deserve to commit to that moment, because you deserve to be happy.



Hot Diggity… Fitness Apps.


If there is one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I’m obsessed with fitness apps. I’m always looking for the next useful thing. And boy, do they come by the dozens. 

Need a virtual workout buddy? There’s an app for that.

Meal planning jackpot…Yup. Tons of them.

Want to earn freebies for sticking with your workout plan? So many to choose from.

I adore the variety and availability of the digital fitness industry. It’s quick, easy, and at your fingertips. Maybe that’s why my phones storage is always close to full.  To be honest, I’m deleting apps that go unused on a weekly basis. Although, most of them come close to gold, some apps really aren’t worth the download.

So here is a list of my must have apps, that I simply have come to  rely on:

NOOM COACHING- It is truly everything you need in one solid application. You sign u for a free or pro account, and receive quality day by day virtual coaching. Everything from recipes, to gps tracking, and group support. You get it all! I started with Noom about 3 years ago and it always been in my pocket of gems. I really like the support and motivation you get from the virtual coaching and other members. ….A+

Vida Coaching – Vida has a pretty hefty price tag, but worth every ….single …dime. You dream about live, one on one guidance from a professional trainer/nutritionist, daily tracking, photo capture of meal…(with time stamp, so you can’t deceive), plus did I mention A REAL PERSON TO DO FACECHATS WITH!!! I’m jumping up an down about Vida. This is the holy grail of virtual coaching. Not only does your professional coach keep up with you activity and meals, but they check in with you daily …A++

NIKE RUNNING APP- ITS NIKE!!! Ofcourse it’s got a flawless interface, and user friendly with things kick android and I WATCH compatibility. I enjoy running the freedom of not needing to carry my bulky phone. It also has a hefty display of your pace durin each mile. Run coach provides a tailored training program to get you to that marathon length run. ….B+

BODYSPACE- If your into fitness, you’ve heard of, and they created this app so us gracious fitties can follow the training of some of bodybuilding set Elite competitors and trainers. JAMIE EASON..etc, and a dozen other wonderful high hitters of the  industry have compiled some decent plans to get you ripped, lean, or skinny jean happy ! ….B- Starting as LIFT, COACH.ME began its roots in the task realm, which sort of propelled it into the motivating and direct coaching experience it has spiraled itself into.  With over 700 coaches to choose from (INCLUDING ME 🙂  COACH.ME has it going on.  Meditation, running, gym routines, habit training, you name it, there is a coach for it. For a small fee, you are able to choose a coach that’s best to enhance your motivation and results. The coach checks in with you daily, leads you in the right direction, and you see changes!   I will be totally honest, some coaches out more into their job than others. Just because one person looks cool by profile, does it mean they will cater to your goals as much as you’d like, but that’s why you can clicks the link to my profile- on the about me page of this blog :wink wink:….B-

FITOCRACY- Where the members are family ad the gins are beast mode. Seriously, FITO IS MY VIRTUAL FIT FAM. With a group for every fitnes interest and Fred. Ok, FRED is the robot mascot for the app. Makes perfect sense, right? If you can’t tell, Fitocracy is full of gratudious selfies, game like scoreboards for participation, great workout templates, and professional weight loss plans. It’s the stuff barbels are made of. I just LOVE this app!….A+







I hope that  by sharing this information, it helps you virtually enhance you fitness journey.  What are some of your favorite apps?

Writers block…but I’M BACK!


I always hear about writers having mental blocks or running out of dialogue. Well friends, it happened to me. Not that I haven’t been immersed   in my fitness journey – because I’ve got sooo much to tell you- but I just lost the the steam to write about it. Until I had something fresh and worthy to chat about. The same old, ” I made progress….I’m struggling this week…stay motivated!” stuff was likely draining you. As a reader, I totally understand that when following a fitness blogger that things can and will get stagnant after a bit. Following a fitness blogger has many benefits, but adventure and mystery is not one of them. Haha.

So after some time away from my keyboard, I’m back with a change of course, some journey strides, and a new outlook. You’re squirming in your seat, right?!?! Ok. Ok. I won’t tease any longer….

Welcome to my Wholeness Journey.

Mostly wellness, and not fitness, because fitness concerns the physical – only the sight and seen part of my journey. During my time away I started looking to new ways to challenge my body and release my brain clutter. I’ve always been keen to meditation and suffer from Bipolar disorder, so channelling my inner self has helped me overcome some dreadful obstacles with my mood disorder. But, I digress. YOU GUYS have been here for it all! Cheering me on and keeping me motivated 🙂  I’ve lost 55 pounds since I started my weightloss journey. You’ve followed me as I have evolved from a house mat to a runner, weightlifter, fitness enthusiast, and life adventurer. This has been an amazing ride.

But it’s totally not OVER.

At this point in my journey I have achieved some amazing stuff. Things I never truly thought I’d come close to actually accomplishing. But, I have!

Earlier, I mentioned my wellness journey, and meditation. The reason these are so closely connected to my previous “fitness journey” is because I’m no longer seeking just physical self standards. I have decided to open my journey into one of wholeness and self empowerment. One that will lead me to happiness, health, and longing.

I sound like a crazy fit hippie, and that’s ok with me. I wish that name wasn’t already taken on facebook,  haha!

In my time away I have been meditating daily, practicing yoga 4-5 times a week, running 3- 4 times a week, and engaging in strength training twice, weekly.

I’ve been busy, my friends! I feel great. Staying active and having things to do that engaged my mind AND body has given me an entirely different outlook on my body. It’s empowering and satisfying.  This is a feeling that seemed so far away, before, and now it’s all mine to explore.

I hope you continue to cheer me on in my journey!!! Fitness, wellness, and weightloss! But, more than that, I hope to encourage you to explore your own WHOLE journey.

Be happy, and challenge yourself, because you never know where you will take yourself in life. 🙂

Happy Surprise


This week started with major drive, then quickly took a nose dive as relocating to a new house took place. I must say making time to exercise was placed on the back burner as I was left lifting boxes, scrubbing floors, packing, bending, unpacking, and trying to mantain my sanity. I was SUPPOSED to start my classes at my new Crossfit gym, this week, but had to sub for at home workouts instead. I got a few in during the first part of the week, then boom! Nada.

So instead of fully giving up, I focused on what I could control- my diet. I choose healthy options even though we were basically dealing with an unprepared kitchen. I planned as much as I could. When I couldn’t eat my already prepped meals, I opted for salads or lean protiens at fast food joints.

All in all, weigh in day is here and I have no choice but to have expected the worst. Gain or little to no progress was my first assumption when I arouse to stand bare on my scale. Shockingly, a good lack of 3 pounds stared back at me during my weigh. I almost gasp! Hell, I’ll be honest, I did gasp! Moving onto measurements- a decrease by 7 inches overall.

“Nutrition is 80%. Exercise is 20%”. This quote has never seemed so real to me. I’ve always believed and known that a good balance of diet and exercise will create great results but sometimes it’s surprising just how true that ratio is.

Obviously I’m elated with the losses made this week. I almost feel like I don’t deserve to be proud of them, because it was truly not my best effort, and I’m ready to jump back into my routine Monday.

Things are shaping up! Literally! I’m looking to gain a certain apparence rather than only losing weight, at this point. BUT my unspoken scale goal, could be to have lost another 30lbs by May 1st. So far, I’m half way there, since January. Yay.

Happy surprise.